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Device Insight is an IoT specialist with over 15 years’ experience in helping our clients implement the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Want to make your processes more efficient and bring smart, networked products to market? Is your goal nothing less than implementing a new business model? Our cloud-based CENTERSIGHT® IoT platform lets you implement any IoT or IIoT project quickly, economically and safely.

CENTERSIGHT® enables you to analyze your data and create value by planning needs-based maintenance and services, avoiding downtimes and boosting productivity. Our customized applications and cutting-edge software mean that our IoT solutions can optimize operations in any industry, anywhere in the world.


Internet of Things in practice –

IoT Cloud solutions for all sectors


Advanced Analytics & Predictive Maintenance

  • Identify and prevent faults
  • Increase reliability, productivity and quality
  • Make reliable forecasts about the future behavior of devices

Condition Monitoring
& Alarming

  • Ensure that your service personnel are immediately notified when thresholds are exceeded, or systems go into fault mode
  • Enable fast and targeted interventions when faults do occur

Connected Products

  • Exploit real-time visualization of data to optimize processes
  • Find out how your product actually performs in situ
  • Develop new business models, e.g. pay-per-use, pay-per-outcome

Remote service
& augmented reality

  • Benefit from IoT & AR for complete remote access to your machines
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming site visits by experts
  • Reduce outages and downtimes

Connected cars
& telematics

  • Improve your capacity planning
  • Boost transparency and control with tracking & tracing
  • Increase the availability of your devices by identifying usage patterns and predicting maintenance needs

Our IoT services:

360-degree competence, from consulting to operations

IoT consulting

IoT projects are successful when the appropriate business model and technology are applied. This is why Device Insight offers comprehensive business model and technology consulting.

Managed Services

CENTERSIGHT® is Software-as-a-Service: we operate the cloud platform and take care of support. You prefer to use your own infrastructure? No problem, talk to us.


Device Insight’s flagship: our edge and cloud platform for rapidly implementing IoT-based projects.

Solution Design

Device Insight will support your digitalization drive, step-by-step: from analyzing requirements to describing solutions.

Customizing & Apps

CENTERSIGHT® + your project = successful IoT implementation with Device Insight. With our project teams, we will tailor your IoT solution to your exact requirements and develop customized customer apps on this basis. Where appropriate, we can also integrate effective AI and machine learning algorithms.


IoT-Cloud platform
lets you:

IoT devices
  • Gain insight into your processes
  • Increase the availability of your products
  • Create a basis for new business models
  • Manage millions of networked devices
  • Benefit from fast time-to-market
  • Save on service costs
  • Leverage our proven IoT and IIoT solutions

Years of IoT experience


IoT experts


IoT projects



We chose CENTERSIGHT® as IoT Platform. It is based on the latest technology, includes plenty of ready-to-use functions, is secure, highly scalable and can be adapted to meet customer needs. Customers can be sure that they will receive all relevant information regarding their fleet in good time subject to their user profile. The main argument for all user groups is however the saving of time and cost.

– Dr. Friedrich Völker, Manager Digital Products at Kärcher –

Thanks to Device Insight’s IoT Platform, we were able to establish near real-time condition monitoring for our coffee vending machines for our internal stakeholders, customers and partners across the globe. CENTERSIGHT® was tailored precisely to meet our needs, including integrating our ticketing system into the solution and developing special altering rules. We were able to significantly increase machine availability thanks to automated messaging to machine operators and calculation of actual lost sales time.

– Costa –

In collaboration with Device Insight, we developed an Industry 4.0 application called SmartConnect.frictionwelding, which adds smart enhancements to our friction welding machine. The goal was to enable real-time access to worldwide machine, production and process data for automatic analysis. We found that we were able to reduce maintenance costs and downtimes by up to 50 percent through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. This cloud-based solution was so successful that it won 1st prize at the 2017 Industry 4.0 Innovation Awards. The agility and ingenuity which Device Insight displayed when implementing our KUKA-specific requirements, combined with the CENTERSIGHT®-based IIoT solution itself, played a key role in making the project a success.

– Till Maier, Portfolio Manager, KUKA –

It is our mission to support companies in their digital transformation with our safe, flexible and scalable Cloud and data services. The intelligent use of IoT technologies is a key factor for successful digitization of business models in all sectors. By integrating CENTERSIGHT NG and Microsoft Azure, our Microsoft Partner Device Insight offers its customers innovative IoT solutions optimally geared to their individual needs and desires.

– Gregor Bieler, General Manager One Commercial Partner Organization and member of
Microsoft Deutschland’s executive management –

In collaboration with Device Insight, we were able to set up our job data management exactly the way we envisioned it. The system guarantees seamless data transfer between our agricultural machines and the farmer’s PC software. Our customers’ response to features such as streamlined options for applying inputs in an optimized fashion, working documentation, and the transmission of waylines and field boundaries for lane guidance, have been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to Fendt, we are therefore also linking other group brands, such as Massey Ferguson, Challenger und Valtra to the CENTERSIGHT® IoT platform. We are also planning to add smartphone apps for digital data exchange soon.

– Christoph Zecha, Product Manager Global Fuse: Machine Data & Connectivity, AGCO GmbH –

We’re networking Reflex Winkelmann’s products using the CENTERSIGHT® IoT platform to allow customers worldwide to benefit from the resulting synergies. […] The scope of CENTERSIGHT® matched the project plan. The hardware was compatible and the required Ethernet or wireless connections were supported.

– Tobias Wolff, Product Manager on ”Control Remote“ at Reflex Winkelmann –

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