Azure Sphere Competency

Full IoT potential without security concerns

As an Azure Sphere competency partner, we make sure your IoT devices are secure from the start – and stay that way throughout their lifecycle.

Our goal is holistic and turnkey IoT solutions. To achieve this, we rely on the comprehensive IoT security concept of Azure Sphere. We are one of the first software companies to integrate Azure Sphere chips into our IoT solution designs, providing seamless and secure device connectivity to the cloud.

Active Protection

for your devices, your company and your customers


Connectivity via Azure Sphere chips

We find: for smart products, Azure Sphere chips are the first choice. They are inexpensive (<10$), have advanced security technologies and built-in WLAN connectivity. In developing Edge applications, an integrated SDK is available to communicate with Azure IoT services.


Comprehensive security concept

We are convinced: Azure Sphere’s security approach provides the highest level of protection for both devices and businesses. The consept is based on seven central security aspects, also providing advanced security features such as hardware-secured cryptoghraphic keys “out of the box”.


Automatic software updates

We trust: Microsoft’s security experts. Devices will be supplied with continous security updates for 10 years. Zero Touch Provisioning allows millions of devices to be commissioned efficiently. Custom Edge apps can be updated “over the air” ro roll out new features and bug fixes.

Wireless certificate management

We rely on: Azure Sphere’s automated certificate management. This means that the certificates that secure the communication are renewed daily – currently the gold standard for communication between the edge and the cloud.

Use Case


Building Heating

Challenge: A heating contractor wants to offer smart services and monitor and control heating systems directly from the cloud. In the process, the contractor must protect millions of heaters simultaneously from cyberattacks.

Solution: Thanks to Azure Sphere, the contractor can use an affordable and highly secure connectivity solution for the first time. The solution can be easily integrated into heating systems, saving both hardware and development costs. Even millions of IoT-based heating systems can be easily and securely connected to the cloud thanks to Azure Sphere chips. For 10 years, Microsoft’s security experts will automatically provide the equipment’s operating system with software updates. The heating contractor can therefore benefit from the multi-dimensional Azure Sphere security model, and also doesn’t have to worry about managing security certificates, which the heating systems use to authenticate themselves in the cloud, thereby avoiding the costly process of building an individual infrastructure.

From our perspective, there is currently no connectivity and security solution for smart, connected products that is more secure and, at the same time, more cost-effective than Azure Sphere. For us as an IoT solution provider, Azure Sphere serves as a reliable building block for the edge, enabling us to deliver secure and scalable IoT solutions to our customers.

– Stefan Hudelmaier, Director of Cloud Architecture and Innovation, Device Insight –