Global. Scalable. Modular.

CENTERSIGHT® combines industry specific functions, unlimited scalability, communication via the internet and stands out from other solutions for its substantial economic benefits. All applications can be accessed conveniently with standard web browsers.

CENTERSIGHT®'s concept is based on a central server system that is operated from a fail-proof data processing centre. Communication with machines and facilities are guaranteed around the clock.

Device Insight delivers all components directly from one source and incorporates existing technical requirements and conditions.

System Architecture (operating principle)

CENTERSIGHT® is committed

  • to provide a highly productive software that turns any IoT project into a success
  • to a web based user interface with multiple applications for device administration, trend analysis, reporting and alerting
  • to highest scalability
  • to great flexibility and adaptability to individual needs
  • to comprehensive default functions to illustrate business processes and to exchange information between supply systems
  • to supporting any communication media such as GPRS, broadband and modem.

CENTERSIGHT® is cost efficient and risk-free and guarantees to get your IoT project off the ground effectively.