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Use the CENTERSIGHT® IoT platform to leverage edge computing, infinitely scalable middleware and tailored apps to provide an unsurpassed user experience.


the next-generation IoT platform.

CENTERSIGHT® is a cloud-based IoT platform that enables all kinds of devices to be networked, e.g. machines, plant, vehicles or vending machines – the applications are limitless. The platform analyses your data, helping to prevent downtimes and reducing costs. All functions can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, e.g. displaying data in real time, condition monitoring and predictive, AI-supported maintenance. Combining IoT and augmented reality allows you to create entirely new smart devices. In short: CENTERSIGHT® provides everything you need for a successful IoT project, ready to deploy in any industry.

IoT platform


Applications Platform & Cloud Device & Edge


  • Analytics
  • Dashboards & Reportings
  • KPI Designer
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Track & Trace
  • Remote Service with AR

Platform & Cloud

  • API & Integration
  • Device Management
  • High Performance Data Processing
  • Big Data Storage
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Connectivity

Device & Edge

  • Protocol adapter (standardized & proprietary)
  • Edge Analytics
  • Seamless integration in CENTERSIGHT
  • Broad hardware & OS support





for Edge Analytics

  • Edge computing with comprehensive protocol support, e.g. HTTPS, MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, SNMP, CSV, FTP


  • Comprehensive hardware support
  • Supports the Microsoft Azure IoT hub
  • Modular structure for integrating customer-specific enhancements


for monitoring & reporting,
device management

  • Unlimited scalability and rapid linking of devices


  • Analysis, aggregation and timelining of data and events
  • Data analytics with AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Event processing with alerting and reporting function
  • Device management, e.g. automatic firmware updates and remote configuration of data sources
  • REST-API for linking back-end systems and apps


for connected products und IIoT &
remote service with augmented reality

  • Customizable dashboards provide insight into connected machines, devices and networked products


  • Self-service rule engine to identify anomalies (condition monitoring)
  • Data processing editor for calculating KPIs from raw data
  • Industrial analytics as a Python runtime environment for AI and machine learning
  • Smart features for remote service by linking IoT and AR

We are successfully using CENTERSIGHT® to digitalize and optimize our robot production. We are finding that the greatest benefit lies in the diversity of use cases which can be mapped using Device Insight’s IIoT platform. This includes being able to onboard our production cells easily and flexibly, having many ways to visualize production metrics, as well as having a variety of tools at our disposal to intelligently and accurately predict required activities (e.g. maintenance, manual actions following on automated processes). Every requirement is implemented quickly and flexibly. In addition, CENTERSIGHT® provides components and tools which we can use in conjunction with the KUKA IIoT Engineering Suite to implement our client projects quickly and affordably.

– Andrei Svirida, Vice President Industrial IoT Delivery,
Industrial IoT Project & Solutions, KUKA –



5 of the many good reasons

why our customers use the IoT platform

Production Machine
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Software-as-a-Service using public clouds or on-premises - CENTERSIGHT® knows no limits.

Flexible and customizable functions - We tailor our solutions to your requirements.

Quick time to market - For a sustainable ROI.

Scalable proof of concept, from 10 to 1,000,000 networked devices - Our IoT solutions grow with your business.

IoT platform with complete solutions for your IoT or IIoT project - What solution can we create for your company?

IoT platform


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Our IoT platform will let you upgrade your business model for IoT and Industry 4.0.

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