Total control

of your operating data

Condition Monitoring & Alarming. Worldwide and around the clock.

Use our smart

Event Engine
features to…

  • create a set of rules by combining data input signals and threshold values with logical if-then operators, using drag & drop
  • link and analyze events and time series data to derive relationships
  • monitor millions of values and data points almost in real-time

Our IoT microservices for Condition Monitoring make it possible to configure even complex monitoring rules quickly and easily. When incidents start occurring with greater frequency or when thresholds are crossed, an alert is automatically triggered. This ensures that service and maintenance only occur when needed, outages and downtimes are reduced while availability increases.

Networking all internationally available Costa Express vending machines has enabled commissioning, monitoring and remote control as well as a revenue-based billing model for each coffee machine. We decided to work with Device Insight as IoT partner in carrying out the digitalization process. Although a quick launch was a deciding factor for us, it was also important that the solution met our strict requirements. Device Insight’s many ready-to-use applications right out of the box and modular expansion convinced us and led to the sustained success of the project.

– Costa Express –

Real-life examples:

Condition Monitoring & Alarming



Controlling lubricants

<IF> the machine lubricant level drops below three litres, <THEN> maintenance personnel is notified and requested to top it up. Impact: Condition monitoring lets you extend the lifetime of your plant and equipment.



Avoid unscheduled production stops

<IF> there are more than three unscheduled production stops an hour, <THEN> an alarm is triggered <AND> the responsible service technician receives a request to address the problem. Impact: Condition monitoring helps prevent outages and enables smoother operations.



Monitoring cooling equipment

<IF> the temperature in the cold room exceeds -18 degrees centigrade repeatedly <AND> it has been established that power outages are not the cause, <THEN> the seals must be checked for damage and it must be established whether the door to the cool room is being left ajar for too long. Impact: Condition monitoring improves your energy efficiency and helps save on energy costs.



Keeping commercial dishwashers clean

<IF> the temperature in the dishwasher deviates from hygiene regulation requirements, <THEN> an alarm is triggered. Impact: Condition monitoring helps you comply with laws and regulations, supports the implementation of HACCP concepts, and helps maintain optimum levels of cleanliness and hygiene.



Monitoring precision cutting tools

<IF> there are unexpected press and tool failures <OR> when oil and engine temperatures exceed the threshold, <THEN> an alert is triggered. In total, 125 data signals are captured and analyzed. Impact: Condition monitoring helps increase the availability and efficiency of your tools and presses.



Targeted maintenance of coffee vending machines

<IF> Milk, coffee bean or syrup levels drop below the threshold value <OR> the milk connectors are in the cleaning position, <THEN> an alarm is triggered. Various alarm levels are predefined for specific scenarios. Impact: Condition monitoring helps ensure that your vending machines are refilled appropriately and when needed, thereby helping to increase your sales.

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