Launch into a new product era.

With Connected Devices.

Boost your service levels, bring your products closer to R&D, and use IoT based features to give your products the competitive edge.

Mature IoT solutions

for smart products.

Everybody’s talking about the potential of intelligent, networked products. But leveraging value-added feedback of manufacturing and operations data requires having the right software partner. Device Insight develops and implements mature IoT solutions for connected devices, using a SaaS model that offers high flexibility at a low cost.

Another benefit: Device Insight will give you the space to focus on building innovative business models and smart devices: let us deal with the technical complexity of your IoT project and provide you with a turnkey solution.

What is the benefit of having

Connected Devices?

Intelligent, networked products such as heating systems, commercial dishwashers and coffee vending machines make it possible for data to be exchanged between the product, the company and the end customer. The bidirectional information flow boosts service levels and accelerates the development of both new and existing products and services.


Smart products offer their greatest potential benefits in the area of service improvements, which increase efficiency and lower costs. Data is sourced from continuous condition monitoring of IoT devices and is used by both manufacturers and operators to make business decisions.


Networked products can be integrated into complex ecosystems. For instance, a heating system can be managed more efficiently by allowing it to adapt to local weather conditions, using a combination of local weather data and smart algorithms.


Connected devices provide enhanced functionality to end customers. This can include aspects such as automatically sending operating reports, as well as mobile apps for remote configuration and remote control of devices.


Networked products enable new business models. Additional functionalities strengthen customer loyalty beyond what the product itself offers. In the modern economy, services are increasingly being charged for based on usage and outcomes. The fact that end customers can configure and activate their devices by themselves creates new sales and after-sales opportunities.

Our IoT framework for your

Connected Devices

Device Insight’s flexible IoT microservices allow all types of devices to be networked, independent of the data protocol used (HTTPS, MQTT, OPC UA, field bus protocols such as Modbus etc.). Diverse ready-to-use applications, the ability to customize solutions to company requirements, as well as quick time-to-market mean that our IoT framework forms an ideal basis for connected device solutions.

Selected features:

  • Network all types of machines, devices and products
  • Provide a wide range of ready-to-use functions
  • Use integrated condition monitoring applications based on a high-performance rule engine
  • Condense raw data for information selection and transmission, using configurable data processing services
  • Easily integrate with IoT ecosystems thanks to company-wide interfaces
  • Implement predictive maintenance using the integrated machine learning toolbox
  • Easily connect tablet and smartphone apps thanks to comprehensive APIs

Networking all internationally available Costa Express vending machines has enabled commissioning, monitoring and remote control as well as a revenue-based billing model for each coffee machine. We decided to work with Device Insight as IoT partner in carrying out the digitalization process. Although a quick launch was a deciding factor for us, it was also important that the solution met our strict requirements. Device Insight’s many ready-to-use applications right out of the box and modular expansion convinced us and led to the sustained success of the project.

– Costa Express –