An IoT solution

for your specific need

Create your own IoT app. Precision-made and infinitely scalable.

Develop your own

unique IoT app

Based on our flexible IoT framework we offer a range of standard applications for typical IoT and IIoT use cases. However, every digitalization project has its own, specific requirements. Success depends on ensuring that these are taken into account from the outset and implemented effectively.

Therefore, we support you in customizing existing applications and developing new features and apps. What this means: your ideas immediately form part of the solution and let you create your unique IoT app.



  • We will determine and analyze your requirements and support you in choosing suitable features based on our innovative IoT solution stack.
  • We will create a template for your solution design or system architecture.
  • We will design the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of your unique IoT app.

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Precise customization
of your application


  • Benefit from the wide range of modern and responsive UI modules – from small components like dashboard widgets to complete applications.
  • Enjoy the advantages of agile implementation and complete support for your IoT app.


approach to work

approach to work

01 Analysis & Solution Design


Benefit from over 16 years’ experience in developing customer-specific IoT applications.

02 UI/UX-Design


From planning through to technical implementation, we will help develop and support your IoT application.

03 Agile implementation


When developing software, we concentrate on the most important features and validate business cases through proof of value projects and MVPs (minimum viable products).

04 Quality


Pair programming, code reviews, continuous integration, test automation & manual testing – for Device Insight, these are more than just software quality keywords.

05 Operations


Thanks to our SaaS solutions, you will automatically receive software updates and the latest features. Your application is monitored and available 24/7.

06 Licenses


When it comes to license fees, you benefit from the “pay as you grow” principle and only pay for what you use.