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IoT Survey 2019

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Device Insight impresses
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These are the TOP
IoT platform providers
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Device Insight belongs to the top IoT platform providers in the “IoT Survey 2019” from market researcher teknowlogy Group. The survey is the first of its kind and is based on feedback from over 2,000 users – proof of the strong customer value created by Device Insight’s IoT solution CENTERSIGHT®.

The study shows the point of view of users who deal with IoT platforms on a daily basis. A total of 38 platform providers were evaluated in eight different peer groups.

Find out who are the top players in the IoT environment and get an overview of how the most popular IoT platforms are performing in the Executive Summary.

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All key data of the

IoT Survey 2019


The IoT Survey 2019 is the world’s first survey of IoT platform users and is based on a sample of over 2,000 respondents. The results provide user feedback on 38 leading IoT solutions. They are a resource for companies that choose a platform and for vendors that want to understand the needs of the market.

The Categories

The ratings were based on a total of 24 key performance indicators (KPIs), which were divided into six superordinate categories. These include business value, timeline and effort of implementation, competitiveness, innovation, customer satisfaction and customer experience.

The respondents

A total of over 2,000 users took part in this study. The study was conducted worldwide: 43 percent of the respondents came from the USA, 27 percent from EMEA and almost 30 percent from Asia. Nearly 18 percent of the respondents are active in the IT environment, 12 percent in the manufacturing industry. All of them are users of IoT platforms and work e.g. as IT managers, developers or project managers.

The Peer Groups

The IoT platform providers were evaluated within eight different peer groups in order to ensure good comparability with competitors and their products. Segmentation is based on company size, geographical location and focus on specific functionalities.








Peer Groups

These are the 4 top categories

in which Device Insight’s IoT platform CENTERSIGHT®

has been awarded top marks

Device Insight was placed amongst the “Leaders” in 28 further categories, in other words, within the top 25 percent of a peer group, including top rankings for Flexibility, Efficiency, Innovation, Customer Experience, Timeline (time-to-market), Pricing Model, Product Satisfaction and Partner Ecosystem.