Advantages of the IoT Platform CENTERSIGHT®

Advantages of the IoT Platform CENTERSIGHT®

  1. A comprehensive product range for any IoT project plan
  2. Specialised application with very little adjustment effort, yet very high flexibility when integrating:
    • Operating data collection
    • Reporting
    • Condition monitoring
    • Remote service
    • Business logic
    • Alarming
    • Data Analytics
  3. High performance Middleware for IoT connectivity and data management (also available as a separate software component)
  4. High stability and scalability of the complete system
  5. Exclusive use of up-to-date, open and reliable IT standards and no proprietary technologies
  6. Communication with technical devices via any transmitting media
  7. Secure and flexible mobile communication
  8. Service operation can be either Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), hybrid cloud hosting, full public cloud hosting, or at the customer (On-Premises)
  9. Internationally proven and tested and already in use with market leading companies in a many industries
  10. Very short time-to-market
  11. Fast return on investment

Advantages of IoT

As your company grows, our remote service solution evolves alongside. CENTERSIGHT® is scalable to your demands and allows adding technical facilities as and when required. Your advantages remain the same:   

  • considerable cost reduction 
  • less breakdown time 
  • higher service quality 
  • increased customer satisfaction 
  • the opportunity to develop innovative business models 

Your special service

You are interested in an IoT solution, yet not have been able to gain experience on this matter? Then get your company a tailored "proof of concept".