5 Steps to Your IoT Business Model

IoT Business Model Innovation

Start developing your IoT business model now!

The Internet of Things can offer companies numerous advantages and opportunities: more efficient processes and resulting savings potential through networking and automation, but also new service offerings, including completely new IoT business models.

But how do you get from an idea to a successful business model? Our practical experience shows: Promising IoT projects often fail before they are even implemented. Or even worse – they are implemented even though they have no prospect of success.

With our practical guideline “IoT Business Model Innovation”

  • we accompany you step by step on the way to a successful IoT business model – from project setup and idea generation to validation and implementation
  • we combine proven tools and methods from the field of business model innovation with concrete experience from IoT practice
  • we offer insights into real IoT use cases from different industries
  • we provide you with compact checklists, Dos and Don’ts for the implementation of your IoT project
  • you receive 40 pages of concentrated knowledge on IoT business model development

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5 Steps

to Your Successful IoT Business Model

Prozess IoT Business Model Innovation
IoT Business Model Innovation



  • Find an internal sponsor
  • Build a project team
  • Determine your innovation focus
Discover IoT Business Model Innovation



  • Define examination areas: technology, market, competitors, customer
  • Explore areas and learn
Design IoT Business Model Innovation



  • Idea generation
  • Develop ideas into concrete business models
  • Plan business model validation
Validate IoT Business Model Innovation



  • Formulate hypotheses and find test methods
  • Testing
  • Repeated business model adjustment
Decide IoT Business Model Innovation



  • Decision on roll-out
  • Development of action plan
  • Decision on IoT platform and partner

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IoT Business Model Innovation

Expert Advice:

Regardless of whether your business model is aimed at optimizing internal processes or offering new services on the market – the focus must always be on the future user. Business ideas should therefore start at the pain points, i.e. the problems and needs of potential users and customers. Ask yourself the question: What problems of my customer could be solved with the help of IoT? What additional benefits can IoT provide?

Business ideas that leave the customer cold are innovations without a market.

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