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Smart Coffee

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Smart Coffee

Case Study – Costa Express

IoT Operations Management & Smart Vending from One Source

Costa Express, international supplier of smart self-serve coffee machines, has succeeded in taking coffee to go to the next level thanks to a unique combination of premium coffee, individual customer experience and the latest IoT technology powered by Device Insight. This IoT solution not only enables an innovative business model, but also provides the basis for smart vending features, transparent condition monitoring and alarming.

Smart Coffee

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FEINTOOL: Smart Maintenance Thanks to FEINmonitoring

Malfunctions of machines, time-consuming maintenance and related production inefficiency pose major challenges to companies. FEINTOOL, the Swiss technology and global market leader in fineblanking, has developed an innovative IoT solution for this purpose together with Device Insight.

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KRONES: IoT-Based Customer Support for Bottling Lines

The lines of Krones, a leading manufacturer of process, filling and packaging technology, are expensive capital goods. This makes it all more important to offer fast and secure customer support. Together with Device Insight, the company has developed a central IoT tool for the remote service of more than 20,000 machines worldwide.

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KUKA: Award-Winning Industry 4.0 Application for Friction Welding Machines

The robotics and automation specialist KUKA is a pioneer in the field of smart production. In a ground breaking project, KUKA developed together with Device Insight a cloud application that helps to increase production efficiency and process quality.

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KÄRCHER: Modern Facility Cleaning with IoT

The more complex the site on which machines are put into action, the more difficult it is to maintain them. In order to address this challenge, Kärcher has developed the fleet management solution “Kärcher Fleet” in cooperation with Device Insight.

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RAFI: Innovative Digital Business Model for Production and Logistics

How to digitize manual processes in production and logistics by yourself? Component manufacturer RAFI makes it happen: thanks to a combination of networked signal lights, button boxes and a IoT portal designed together with Device Insight.

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