How CENTERSIGHT® communicates

Device Insight cooperates with all communication standards, thus covering all available functions, prices and technologies. In communication with our customers we determine their requirements to find the ideal solution for either wired or wireless data communication.

SIM Connectivity

Together with our partner Vodafone we offer secure and reliable mobile M2M communication. This also includes manging SIM cards and tariffs through CENTERSIGHT®.

Embedded Controller

In regards to technical devices we have access to a variety of hardware manufacturers to factor in all potential requirements for Embdded Controllers in each project. These have been perfectly matched to communicate with CENTERSIGHT® and allow IoT projects to get off the ground quickly. Equally we can integrate any internal data modules or existing communication devices. 

CENTERSIGHT® Embedded Client

The CENTERSIGHT® Embedded Client can be installed on almost any type of device and is the ideal software counterpart for the IoT-Plattform CENTERSIGHT®. At the machine interface the Embedded Client supports many standard protocols, such as Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, HTTP or FTP, and is also suitable for implementing individual protocols. Towards the IoT-Plattform CENTERSIGHT® the Embedded Client provides secure and stable data exchange based on our Through-The-Firewall Technology.


Good to know:

  • CENTERSIGHT® communicates with any technical device.
  • CENTERSIGHT® communicates through all media, including mobile services, broadband.
  • Vodafone's global M2M platform (GDSP) seamlessly integrates with CENTERSIGHT®
  • Device Insight provides SIM cards, Controllers and the IoT Platform CENTERSIGHT®
  • Special feature: Device Insight uses open data protocols. Depending on your project requirements we together select a communication procedure to suit your company. 
  • Our flexible Embedded Controllers can either be upgraded along with existing facilities, or integrated into new lines.

The CENTERSIGHT® Embedded Clients' most important functions include:

  • interpretation of device/machine protocols 
  • operating data is buffered 
  • alerts and error messages are activated also in offline-mode
  • data transmission via GPRS, UMTS, SMS, Ethernet, DSL, VPN
  • data encryption