Save up to 60 % in energy.
Monitor your buildings online.

CENTERSIGHT® for energy and smart city:

utilities management,
energy management,
street lighting

CENTERSIGHT® for energy and smart cities

Controlling and optimising energy consumption as well as error free operating of technical facilities are the main objectives.

Using CENTERSIGHT® makes this process simpler, as a complex local control system and trained personnel are no longer essential. 

CENTERSIGHT® ensures ideal operating conditions for all facilities and devices from a central and remote server with little technical effort. Thanks to CENTERSIGHT®'s innovative technology operators are able to manage their energy effectively and benefit from significant energy savings.

Due to constant monitoring and reporting you are informed regarding all usage data and any critical conditions at any time and any place.

CENTERSIGHT® for energy and smart cities:

  • Constant capturing of operating data such as temperature, consumption and overall facility conditions
    You can create individual analyses based on this data for your customers at any time.
  • Efficient cooperation of versatile technical facilities
    You can ensure that all facilities and devices are operating at their best even when controlling several properties in different locations.
  • Access to live data
    Manufacturers, operators and customers have different authority access levels to captured data
  • Automatic error detection and alerts
    Malfunctions are detected and corrected remotely. Any fault can be diagnosed to coordinate its repair efficiently.

Use cases:

  • Retailers manage their stores online (more at
  • A city monitors and controls street lighting via mobile network.
  • An energy provider offers its customers access to their up-to-date consumption via the internet and other mobile devices.

Case Study: Reflex Control Remote

Find out how the IoT platform CENTERSIGHT® is being used at Reflex.

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