IoT meets

Augmented Reality.

See device problems through a technician’s eyes. Address faults quickly and efficiently using remote services.

Benefit from a global

Remote Service,

that is available 24/7:

  • Directly access your plant and peripherals’ machine network to address faults and carry out maintenance
  • Use augmented reality for video support through data goggles or tablets, enriched with historical and real-time machine data supplied by your IoT solution

Real experts are scarce and not always available. Travelling to site takes time and money, and prolongs the time needed to get equipment up and running again. Remote service applications help reduce maintenance costs to a minimum: enjoy the security and effectiveness of modern remote monitoring.

Remote service

as an integrated service

  • Our remote service application enables you to set up direct links to devices and equipment. The application creates a secure end-to-end VPN tunnel which links the technician directly to the VPN of the machines.
  • Benefit from getting the solution from a single source: apart from a VPN client and a web browser, you’ll need no other software. You can manage users and access rights directly in your IoT solution. This will help you save time and money on licensing, admin and rights management for your remote service.

Augmented Reality:

Live stream from operations, combined with IoT plant data

Expert view


AR-based remote support allows the service technician to remedy even complex problems.


  • A service technician video-calls an expert at head office, using the OS-agnostic remote service app for tablets, smartphones, laptops or PCs.
  • The technician’s video stream is displayed to the expert in the IoT solution, letting him view the situation “through the technician’s eyes”.
  • He can send images and edited screenshots back to the technician via the live stream to assist in troubleshooting the issue.

Technician view


The overlaid plant data provided by the IoT solution ensures that the technician always has access to the virtual dashboard, making it easier to assess the causes and impact of faults on site.


  • The smart remote service also allows machine and plant data from the IoT solution to be overlayed.
  • The data is transmitted to the technician’s data goggles or tablet via a head-up display.
  • This provides the technician with additional, context-sensitive operating information during the inspection.

We’re networking Reflex Winkelmann’s products using the Device Insight IoT solution to allow customers worldwide to benefit from the resulting synergies. […] The scope of the solution matched the project plan. The hardware was compatible and the required Ethernet or wireless connections were supported.


– Tobias Wolff, Product Manager on „Control Remote“ at Reflex Winkelmann –