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Device Insight contributes to certain studies on a regular basis. Consequently, it provides study results, strategy summaries and whitepapers. Feel free to request and download these papers after registration. You will get an overview of current IoT market trends.

Computerwoche & Co. IoT Study 2019

The Internet of Things is moving the German economy. Within one year, the number of companies already implementing IoT Projects more than doubled – from 21 to 44 percent. Moreover, platforms, such as CENTERSIGHT® from the leading Munich-based provider, continue to be seen as the most important IoT technology, followed by Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing and mobile network technologies.

These are just some finding of the new IoT study for 2019 from Computerwoche and IDG Research Services, supported by Device Insight.

The complete study can be downloaded here for free.
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Whitepaper: Artificial intelligence in IoT practice – use cases and success factors

The consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that 35 percent of professional activities in Germany could be automated by 2030, mainly in transport and logistics as well as manufacturing and sales. This is juxtaposed against a shortfall of up to four million, mostly highly qualified workers. But here, too, AI opens up new prospects. It is expected that digital technologies will allow completely new, currently unimagined types of job to emerge.

When it comes to your company, identifying the opportunities and potential benefits of AI and ML and choosing the best implementation approach is a matter of accurately identifying your individual requirements. The purpose of this white paper and the use cases it describes is to assist you in making a preliminary assessment.

Download this AI whitepaper for free and read more on how you can start IoT projects with simple algorithms and well defined use cases. 
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Whitepaper ISG: Benchmark 2018 „Internet of Things (I4.0) – Platforms, Services & Solutions”

In its third edition, the Information Services Group (ISG) analyzes the German IoT / I4.0 market. The extensive study Provider Lens "Internet of Things (I4.0) - Platforms, Services & Solutions" tracks significant trends and compares the most relevant Internet of Things providers. Device Insight was rated in a total of six categories and once again performed very well. The Munich-based IoT provider is ranked as Leader Germany in three core segments, putting it at the same level as technology stars such as IBM or SAP.

Detailed market insights and analysts' assessments on the "Internet of Things / I4.0 Leader Germany" can be found in the white paper.
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Whitepaper Experton: Device Insight's position in 4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2017

Again, after 2016 Device Insight can underline its success in the IoT market. The software provider receives the honor “I4.0/IoT Leader” in four quadrants out of 10 categories and can defend its position against big technology giants as IBM, Microsoft and Bosch SI.

What else did the German Consulting Group find out? More about the German Experton Study "Industrie 4.0 / IoT Vendor Benchmark 2017" and the results you can find in the Whitepaper.
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Download IoT Study 2016 & German Results

Internet of Things (short IoT) represents a meaningful keyword. Rarely there has been existed such a concept like IoT which contains the coaction of technological, economic, social and individual changes. Therefore it is focussed by a huge amount of researchers and sceptics.

Concerning the IoT study published by COMPUTERWOCHE and Co. more than 25% of surveyed companies miss know-how around IoT. But how is the reality? This new study that was supported by Device Insights and shows practical insights. More than 370 decision makers in DACH region were surveyed in total. For free download of the German results, please request.

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Whitepaper Experton: Device Insight's position in 4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2016

What do Microsoft, IBM and Device Insight have in common?

They all were rated in the I4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2016 by Experton Group AG. Device Insight presented itself as best in class and receives the honor „I4.0/IoT Leader“ in two quadrants. What else did the German Consulting Group find out? Read the Whitepaper.

More about the German Experton-Study "Industrie 4.0 / IoT Vendor Benchmark 2016" and the German results you can find in the Whitepaper (just in German available). For free download click here in order to register.

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Report: "Germany - Excellence in Big Data" - BITKOM Publication

Germany's Industry and Government want to promote digitization in Germany and increase Germany´s attractiveness for digital technologies. Bitkom, Smart Data Forumand Germany Trade & Invest have jointly presented the report "Germany - Excellence in Big Data".

The report presents more than 30 scientific organizations, over 60 technology vendors and more than 40 Big Data users with their research priorities, projects and strategies or products and services. Industry overviews complete the picture. This report provides interested parties with the most comprehensive overview of the Big Data landscape in Germany.

Device Insight contributed its Big Data Strategy on page S. 132 (Chapter 5.44) and portrayed it in detail.

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