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Solution Design –

the basis of agile
software development.

The Device Insight consulting team offers end-to-end support for IoT and IIoT projects. It validates technical and commercial concepts during the preparation phase, conducts feasibility studies for new technology concepts for existing or migration projects, and workshops requirements analyses for future IoT solutions.


IoT solution services



Device Insight will assist you in validating IoT connectivity concepts. We offer broad expertise in data transport and data protocols, including both IT and internet technologies, and can set up field buses at the machine level. To ensure that our competence always remains at the cutting edge, we are actively involved in expert committees and associations such as Bitkom and the OPC Foundation.



We will help you identify the best-matched hardware partner for your IoT or IIoT project. Our advice is based on many years of experience with IoT-related hardware, ranging all the way from microcontrollers to industrial PCs. When making recommendations, we take into account all relevant contextual conditions such as technology, costs, extendibility and long-time availability. We are able to call on a large partner network when required, e.g. for complex hardware configurations.

Solution Design

Solution Design

Our solution designs create a basis for agile software development, with design work covering the overall architecture as well as the technical and commercial framework conditions of your IoT project. In this process, we take into account timeframes and organizational parameters which may critically impact the success of the project. We validate ideas generated during the workshops and through needs assessments and work them out in detail in close collaboration with all project partners. During the further course of the project, the design of your IoT solutions is continuously updated.


Infrastructure Consulting

Leverage our experience in operating IoT solutions, be they on-premises or on private, public or hybrid clouds, and choose the best infrastructure for your IoT or IIoT project. When creating a tailored hosting concept, our consultants take into account individual requirements, e.g. global accessibility, in addition to other factors such as costs and technical framework conditions.




We offer end-to-end consulting on IoT security concepts as an additional service. Our certified IT security specialists assess existing and new solutions, based on the latest industry best practice. In addition, Device Insight experts are available to assist when data analytics concepts for condition monitoring and machine learning are being implemented.


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