With ux4iot

you control IoT devices directly from your Web UI.

Create interactive IoT applications for the web quickly and easily.

Interact with IoT devices without a blink of an eye

With ux4iot, your user interface gets access to the communication modules of the Azure IoT Hub such as D2C Messages, Direct Methods and the Device Twin. A separate middleware that translates between the IoT Hub and your frontend in the backend is no longer necessary. Create interactive IoT applications that update automatically and in real time. You realize the role and rights management via a lean backend application.

ux4iot is deployed as a managed application directly into your Azure subscription. Payment is made via your Microsoft invoice. Your IoT data does not leave your Azure Subscription.

The architecture of ux4iot

In your frontend application, you use the ux4iot client library. This library sends authorization requests to the security backend. Here you implement the access logic and control your ux4iot instance via Admin SDK or REST interface. It is directly connected to your Azure IoT Hub and provides your front-end application with live updates and accepts commands and configuration changes.

Feature Highlights

Efficient Development

Realize IoT web applications much faster than before. With ux4iot, fewer intermediate services and APIs need to be designed, created and maintained. Front-end developers and embedded developers use the same communication modules. This makes it much easier for teams to collaborate.


Built-in Live Updates

Live updates of data points, configuration and connectivity settings form a core feature in ux4iot. As soon as new information from your IoT devices is available, the data is updated in your web app without you having to worry about websockets or the like.


The access and authorization logic of your IoT application is mapped in a lean backend service. You can integrate this into your existing backend. This makes the ux4iot solution secure and flexible at the same time.

Versatile, but uncomplicated

ux4iot builds on the communication building blocks of Azure IoT Hub without adding complexity. Simply use the Direct Methods, Device Twin, and D2C messages you already know directly in your front-end code.

The pricing

How much does ux4iot cost?


0.09 €

per hour

66 €

per month


0.09 € – 0.12 €

per hour

75 € – 85 €

per month


0.21 €

per hour

154 €

per month

Usage is charged by minute.
*Azure costs vary slightly with use.